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How To Create Trading Systems That Make Profits


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New: The unique strategy I used to win the Trading World Championship four times!

The five-step method to create an effective trading system.

A step-by-step real-life example of system development.

The pitfalls of wrong system optimization and how to avoid them.

Complimentary Giveaway: an automated trading system!


“I am grateful that someone of Andrea's calibre has provided such a detailed and useful course with all of the tools required to start developing (really good) trading systems from scratch.”
“The logical development of the trading approaches presented in the course is very impressive. The strategies I've created with them are the first I've ever created that seem tradeable.”
“Very good course! Very useful suggestions and also the ideas on the Dax future are great!”
“Not what I expected but much, much more! Your development process sits on a bedrock of observation and common sense. Looking at markets in ways I never have has opened a flood of new ideas for system development. Bravo!”
“Thanks for allowing me to learn your approach and your vision on trading strategy development.
The best automated trading course I've seen so far, using your approach I can finally read the markets better. You can count on me for your next course!

“I had the good fortune to meet you at the Trading Fair in Rimini, and I bought and read your book. Beyond your skills (you are great), what I personally appreciated is your availability, humility and honesty, that make you a special person before being a great trader. I wanna thank you for this publicly.”


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